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Backpack trekking through Lovozero Mountains

The Lovozero Tundra in Russian Lapland is made up of rounded mountains with plateau summits, the highest point being Mt. Angvundaschorr at 1127m. Jewel-like lakes, transparent springs, majestic waterfalls, fantastic rock outcrops and stunning mountain vistas can be found here. At lower elevations, virgin forests stretch for huge distances.

Travel with us to the mystic place on a shore of Saint Lake where dancing shaman is watching you from the rock. The nights will be spend in tents on the sandy beaches of this beautiful lake. You can enjoy the silence and watch into romantic campfires. Before and after the tour you stay in a good hotel in Monchegorsk.

Backpack trekking through Lovozero Mountains itinerary:

Day 1, Sunday: Arrive in Monchegorsk. Hotel check-in upon arrival. Guide will come to the hotel in the evening to meet you and check equipment. Dinner in a restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2, Monday: Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer by bus to start point. From there hike through the Elmaraiok pass to the Seidyavr Lake (Saint Lake). From a top of the pass proceed down on a path to the shore of the Lake and make camp. Distance of hike: 9 km.

Day 3, Tuesday: Hike on a path along a northern bank of the Seidyavr Lake along the mountain-mass Kuivchorr up to "Dancing Shaman" on the rock. This "a picture" was created by nature, and its length is 150 meters. Lappish people call it "Kuiva" (idol) and consider the place as magical. Distance of hike: 7 km.

Day 4, Wednesday: Hike on a forest path along the lake and then through the forest to the place where bus is waiting for us to be brought back to civilization. Transfer to Monchegorsk. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 5, Thursday: Breakfast at the hotel. Departure.

Backpack trekking through Lovozero Mountains details

  • 2 night in double rooms incl. shower and toilet in business class hotel
  • 2 nights in tents in wild nature
Level:Experiences in hiking in stony areas. Good physical condition and capabilities to carry rucksack (approximately 12 kg).
Group size:2 - 11 persons (international participation is possible)
Duration:5 days
Dates: Every first and second week in month June until September. Other weeks on request.
Price: Prices on request.
Price includes: Accommodation (breakfast included), boat and bus transfers, three meals a day during hiking tours, two restaurant dinners, visa invitation, guide and interpreting services, medical insurance which includes a helicopter evacuation in emergency case.
Documents: Der Reisepass muss noch 6 Monate nach der Rückkehr gültig sein. Ein Visum ist Bedingung . Wir erledigen die Einladung.
Insurance: Der Teilnehmer muss eine Krankenversicherung besitzen, die den Europäischen Maßstäben entspricht und auch in der Russischen Föderation anerkannt ist.
This backpack trekking through Lovozero Mountains can be extended with the following optionals:
  • Ausleihen von Leichtgewichtzelten für 2 Personen (2,5 kg in 2 Päckchen gepackt) – Euro 7,- pro Tag
  • Monchegorsk:
    • Eintrittskarten für Museen: ca. 50 Rubel pro Person.
    • 2 – Stunden – Kreuzfahrt mit der Segelyacht auf dem größten See der Kola Halbinsel "Imandra".
    • Tageswanderung zum Wasserfall "Devichy Kosi" ( Mädchenzöpfe ) in der "Monche Tundra" mit Mittagessen am Lagerfeuer.
    • Tages – Fahrradtour in die hügelige Umgebung mit Mittagessen am Lagerfeuer.
    • Sieh oberen link für mehr Informationen.
  • Murmansk:
    • Stadtführung in Murmansk.
    • o Eintrittskarten für Museen und Museum Exkursionen kosten zwischen 25 Rubeln und 400 Rubeln pro Person.
    • Eintritt für den Atom – Eisbrecher für eine Führung in Russischer Sprache. Individuelle Führung des Atom Eisbrechers für eine Gruppe von 10 Personen mit einem Vortrag in Englisch.
    • Ausflug zu einer Saami – Siedlung.
    • Ausflug zur Barentssee.
    • Ausflug zur Huskyfarm.
    • Ausflug nach Lovozero.
    • Sieh oberen link für mehr Informationen.
  • Zug/Flug/Bus Fahrkarten in oder außerhalb der Russischen Federation.
  • Transfer von/nach Kuusamo,/ Ivalo / Rovaniemi/ und Kirkenes Flughafen.

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