City excursion in Petrosavodsk

Petrosavodsk is the capital of Karelia and one of the few cities where historic dwelling houses of XIX century, one of the most interesting periods of history, have preserved up till now. A guide can meet you at the harbour or at a railway station and shows you the most interesting places and streets of the city. (S)he tells you about the historical and cultural facts about Petrosavodsk. Visit museums including the Museum of replicas of old ships, and the Smithy with showing blacksmith’s work. The historic quarter of Petrosavodsk represents the particular designs of that time with preservation of historically developed situation are considered. The quarter is located in a beautiful spot on the territory of the Suburb, facing Onega Lake and one of the main streets of the city - Yeremeyev street.

City excursion in Petrosavodsk itinerary:

  • At an agreed time and place meeting the guide.
  • Hiking through the historical parts of the city.
  • Visiting points of your interest.
  • Leaving the guide at an agreed time and place.

City excursion in Petrosavodsk details

Accommodation:Not applicable.
Level:Not applicable.
Group size:from 1 person
Duration:1 days
Dates: [kolatravel.de/modules-new/ktex12-dates--Petrosavodsk-city.htm]
Prices: [kolatravel.de/modules-new/ktex12-prices-Petrosavodsk-city.htm]
Price includes:
  • Transfers from/to your place of staying.
  • Lunch
  • Guide and interpreting services
  • Petrosavodsk:
    • Trip zum Zoo Complex – 70 km außerhalb der Stadt – Preis nach Gruppengröße
    • Trip nach Kinerma mit Exkursion und Mittagessen – 100 km außerhalb
    • Kombination der Ausflüge z. Zoo Komplex + Kinerma in einer Rundfahrt mit dem Taxi.
    • Örtlicher Fremdsprachenführer EUR 40,- für die 1. Std.- EUR 25,-, für die 2. Std.- EUR 10,- für jede weitere Std pro Stunde .EUR. 10,-.
    • Eintrittspreise pro Museum in Petrosavodsk zwischen 5 und 10 EUR pro Person.
    • Bootsexkursion nach Kizhi ins Freilicht - Museum.

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