Car holiday on Kola Peninsula Kandalaksha bay where the White Sea opens!
Car holiday on Kola Peninsula Kirovsk city on the foot of Khibiny Mountains
Car holiday on Kola Peninsula Monchegorsk city on the shore of Imandra Lake the biggest lake on Kola Peninsula
holiday route tour camper campers caravan caravanning camping campings northwest russia karelia kola peninsula murmansk region russian lapland Car holiday on Kola Peninsula visit the Saami and their reindeers.
holiday route tour camper campers caravan caravanning camping campings northwest russia karelia kola peninsula murmansk region russian lapland Car holiday on Kola Peninsula View on Murmansk from icebreaker 'lenin'
excursion barents sea kola peninsula teriberka murmansk region russia Car holiday on Kola Peninsula Visit Teriberka village
excursion barents sea kola peninsula teriberka murmansk region russia Car holiday on Kola Peninsula Meet the "Rolling Stones" in Murmansk region. an unique phenomena on Earth!
excursion barents sea kola peninsula teriberka murmansk region russia Car holiday on Kola Peninsula Visit the beautiful waterfall
kola peninsula monchegorsk imandra lake kayaking excursion russian lapland Car holiday on Kola Peninsula Travel from coast to coast! Contact us for more information

Car Holiday from Coast to Coast on Kola Peninsula

Savour freedom while cruising the roads of this unique northern land, stopping now and then to stretch your legs in ancient villages and modern-day Russian cities of the Kola Peninsula. Get acquaintance with Pomor culture on the Tersky Coast and the Saami culture in Russian Lapland. Visit the numerous historical and cultural points of interest, make a boat excursion between the multitude of islands in the Archipelago of the White Sea’s Kanda Bay and pass the unique Kandalaksha Nature Reserve.

Your tour description is waiting for you and also the keys of your hotel rooms are waiting at their reception desks. With the support of Kola Travel your Car holiday on the Kola Peninsula in Northwest Russia will be pleasant and hassle-free; you will have the freedom of being without a guide, yet feel at ease in unfamiliar cities!

  • The White Sea with many islands
  • An ancient stone labyrinth dated 2000 years B.C
  • Soviet towns and cities.
  • Khibiny-, Monche- and Lovozero-tundras.
  • Saami Settlement.
  • Visit World's biggest city above the Arctic Circle; Murmansk.
  • Visit World's first Nuclear Icebreaker "MS Lenin".
  • The Barents Sea with all his secrets.

Day 1: Welcome in Murmansk region
Cross the border at Salla in the morning. Drive to Kandalaksha (3 hours); check-in at hotel. Drive up to a high point on the shore of the White Sea. Seals and even beluga whales can be spotted in the sea. Hike or sail (see optionals) to the Babylon Labyrinth, a stone structure of archaeological interest (2000 years B.C.). Return to Kandalaksha, explore the town. Enjoy a late dinner in a restaurant; if you wish check out a discotheque. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Kirovsk: The heart of Kola Peninsula
Drive to Kirovsk, and explore the town; check-in at hotel. You can visit the Botanical Garden located close to Kirovsk. In Apatity (15 km away) visits can be made to the Museum of the European North of Russia. If you wish, drive to a village nearby to visit the wooden house where the first geologist who explored the region lived. In the evening enjoy a dinner in one of the recommended restaurants in or nearby the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3: Monchegorsk: City on the shore of Imandra lake
Drive to Monchegorsk; check-in at hotel. Places to visit in Monchegorsk include the largest Orthodox Cathedral on the Kola Peninsula and the Museum of Coloured Stones. Drive to the top of the mountain above the city for a panoramic view over the city build on islands in the huge Imandra lake. You may also take a short yacht-trip around Imandra Lake with its multitude of islands. For dinner there is an excellent small restaurant close to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4: Lovozero: The capital of Russian Lapland
Drive to the village of Lovozero. Saami people live to the east of Murmansk and although their way of life has changed drastically in recent years, they continue to be "Reindeer People". Visit Lovozero’s Historical Museum and the Saami Settlement. Proceed to Murmansk. Arrive in Murmansk; hotel check-in. Have dinner in a recommended restaurant and overnight in the hotel.

Day 5: Murmansk: Worlds biggest city above polar circle
There are a number of interesting places to visit that are related to the sea and maritime culture. These include the Naval Museum, the Museum of the Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (not open to the general public but a visit can be arranged for you), the Oceanarium (tickets can be reserved upon request), the Regional Historical Museum, the Art Museum / Folk Art Centre and Worlds first Nuclear Icebreaker named "LENIN". Dinner in a recommended restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 6: Teriberka on the Barents Sea
Drive to Teriberka village. It is the only place where you can feel/taste the water of the Barents Sea. You can sight-see the old Teriberka and new Teriberka (Lodenoye) villages. Hike to the Barents Sea sea, watch the "Rolling Stones" beach, visit the Waterfall falling into the sea and the WW-II Cannons to protect Teriberka bay. All the above interesting points of interest we can show you during a day-trip from Murmansk to Teriberka. Drive back to the hotel in Murmansk for dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Farewell Murmansk region
Spend a few hours in Murmansk or drive directly to the border at Lotta (close to Ivalo, Finland) or to Kirkenes (Norway). Visit the old churches in Kola Village on route. Distance from Murmansk to the border point at Lotta: 245 km and to border point Borisoglebski (close to Kirkenes, Norway): 245 km.

Accommodation: 6 nights in a tourist class hotels including breakfasts.
Level: not applicable.
Group size: From one person
Duration: 7 days
The whole year around. Please check dates with us.
Please contact us for an up-to-date proposal.
Price includes:
  • Accommodations
  • Maps, detailed information about the routes and cities
  • Standby and Support by Kola Travel (in Russian, English, Dutch and German language)
Price excludes:
  • Optional excursions. See Options for an overview.
  • Passport and visa expenses
Der Reisepass muss noch 6 Monate nach der Rückkehr gültig sein. Ein Visum ist Bedingung. Wir erledigen die Einladung.
  • Der Teilnehmer muss eine Krankenversicherung besitzen, die den Europäischen Maßstäben entspricht und auch in der Russischen Föderation anerkannt ist.
  • This Car Holiday from Coast to Coast on Kola Peninsula can be extended with the following optionals:
    • Kandalaksha (und Umgebung):
      • Schiffsausflug zum "Babylon Labyrinth" – eine Steinformation von archäologischem Interesse.
      • Traditionelle Schaschlik Mahlzeit
    • Kirovsk und Umgebung:
    • Monchegorsk:
      • Eintrittskarten für Museen: ca. 50 Rubel pro Person.
      • 2 – Stunden – Kreuzfahrt mit der Segelyacht auf dem größten See der Kola Halbinsel "Imandra".
      • Tageswanderung zum Wasserfall "Devichy Kosi" ( Mädchenzöpfe ) in der "Monche Tundra" mit Mittagessen am Lagerfeuer.
      • Tages – Fahrradtour in die hügelige Umgebung mit Mittagessen am Lagerfeuer.
      • Sieh oberen link für mehr Informationen.
    • Lovozero:
      • Exkursion zur Saami Siedlung in der Nähe von Lovozero Dorf.
        Begegnung mit den Lovozero Saami in Russisch Lappland. Lernen Sie etwas über ihre Kultur und ihre Traditionen. Füttern, umarmen und fahren Sie mit Rentieren Schlitten.  Weitere Informationen
      • Exkursion zur Husky Farm in der Nähe von Lovozero Dorf.
        Einführung in die Besonderheiten einer Huskyfarm. Im Winter können Sie beim Schlittenfahren mit Schlittenhunden und Rentieren teilnehmen. Im Sommer können Sie mit Huskies wandern.  Weitere Informationen
    • Murmansk:
      • Stadtführung in Murmansk.
      • o Eintrittskarten für Museen und Museum Exkursionen kosten zwischen 25 Rubeln und 400 Rubeln pro Person.
      • Eintritt für den Atom – Eisbrecher für eine Führung in Russischer Sprache. Individuelle Führung des Atom Eisbrechers für eine Gruppe von 10 Personen mit einem Vortrag in Englisch.
      • Ausflug zu einer Saami – Siedlung.
      • Ausflug zur Barentssee.
      • Ausflug zur Huskyfarm.
      • Ausflug nach Lovozero.
      • Sieh oberen link für mehr Informationen.
    • Teriberka:
      • Sightseeing des alten und neuen Teriberka (Lodenoye).
      • Besuch der Barentssee.
      • Besuch der "Rolling Stones" Küste.
      • Besuch des Wasserfalls.
      • Besuch der Kanonen aus dem 2. Weltkrieg.
      • Alle Sie interessierende Punkte einer faszinierenden Landschaft können wir Ihnen während einer Tagestour zwischen Murmansk und dem Seeort Teriberka zeigen: Trip an die Küste der Barentssee.
    • Eine Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung (nur Sachschäden) für das Fahren auf russischem Gebiet ist obligatorisch. Wenn Ihre Versicherung die Russische Föderation nicht abdeckt (überprüfen Sie Ihre Green Card), können wir Ihnen eine zusätzliche Versicherung gegen Gebühr stellen.
    • Touristen Einladung zur Visa Beschaffung.

    Auto/ Motorrad - und Camper - Urlaubsreise (Überblick)