Fishing / trolling Adventure in Umbozero Lake

The Umbozero Lake is located between the Khibiny and Lovozero tundra. It is the deepest lake (110 m) on the Kola Peninsula. Several rivers flow into the lake: rivers Chuda and Sura from the north, river Kitsa from the east, and river Umba flows out to the south.

Recreational and sport fishing in Umbozero lake is allowed with using a spinning rod, fishing rods and lures. The Umbozero Lake has Arctic char, char, trout, Brown trout, salmon, grayling, pike and other whitefish.
Brown trout is the largest fish from the salmon family of the lake. It can reach a weight of more than ten kilos and one meter long. An average trout can be caught up to two and a half kilos. In September or October trout goes to spawn in the river rapids.
Arctic char got the name “Palia” in Umbozero lake. Palia can be up to three kilograms of weight and have a length of 50 cm. It lives in very deep water. When it is raining, Palia rises into the upper layers of water and can be caught on the fly or lure.
Grayling likes to stick to the same places: in the summer his flocks looking for food in the shallows. In the spring grayling rises to spawn in small rivers or streams. The huge dorsal fin allows grayling make sharp manoeuvres, and on a sunny day - to jump out of the water to catch insects fallen down. Grayling can be caught by a fishing rod with light float on the fly, jig or worm.
Pike does not inferior to Brown trout size.

Stay in a guest house with all comfort and based on full board in Puncha village. Fish from the shore or from a rubber boat.

In short, a unique fishing adventure on Lake Umbozero and rivers of Lovozero Tundra is waiting for you.

Fishing / trolling Adventure in Umbozero Lake

Day 1: Transfer from Murmansk to Kirovsk. Meet the host of the guesthouse. Transfer by an off-road car to a guestHouse. Check-in. Dinner. Overnight. Fishing is possible if it is not too late. Dinner and overnight (D).

Day 2-3: Fishing on Umbozero Lake from a boat or in the rivers and small lakes in surroundings (BLD).

Day 4: Fishing is possible if there is time. Transfer to Murmansk after breakfast (B).

Guesthouse in Puncha

Puncha is a left village 35 km drive from Oktyabrsky on the east shore of lake Umbozero. At your service is a two-storey guesthouse on the banks of the most beautiful and deepest lake on the Kola Peninsula; Umbozero. The host of the guesthouse has built it himself and it has all the comforts of a house built in an inhabited area; electricity, water, satellite television, shower, water closets and sauna. It has a kitchen, recreation room, 3 twin-bed sleeping rooms, sitting room with wood-burning fireplace. The house can accommodate 6-8 guests.

The host is a great cook and every meal will be a feast for you. The host will also guide you with his fast inflatable boat while trolling for fish. This unique place can be only reached by off-road car in the summer. We take care about the necessary transfers to the guest house in Puncha and back partly with an off-road car.

Fishing / trolling Adventure in Umbozero Lake

  • minimal 3 nights in twin-bedrooms in a wooden guesthouse with a shower, 2 toilets and sauna
Level:not applicable
Group size:from 1 to 6 persons (in 3 twin-bedrooms), maximal 8 persons (2 persons sleep in the sitting room)
Duration:minimal 4 days
Dates: Auf Anfrage von Anfang Mai bis Ende Oktober.
Price: Preise auf Anfrage.
Price includes:
  • accommodation based on Full Board
  • rental of rubber boat
  • transfers from Murmansk to the Guest house and back
Documents: Der Reisepass muss noch 6 Monate nach der Rückkehr gültig sein. Ein Visum ist Bedingung. Wir erledigen die Einladung.
  • Der Teilnehmer muss eine Krankenversicherung besitzen, die den Europäischen Maßstäben entspricht und auch in der Russischen Föderation anerkannt ist.
  • This Fishing / trolling Adventure can be extended with the following optionals:
    • Touristen Einladung zur Visa Beschaffung.
    • Kirovsk und Umgebung:
    • Murmansk:
      • Stadtführung in Murmansk.
      • o Eintrittskarten für Museen und Museum Exkursionen kosten zwischen 25 Rubeln und 400 Rubeln pro Person.
      • Eintritt für den Atom – Eisbrecher für eine Führung in Russischer Sprache. Individuelle Führung des Atom Eisbrechers für eine Gruppe von 10 Personen mit einem Vortrag in Englisch.
      • Ausflug zu einer Saami – Siedlung.
      • Ausflug zur Barentssee.
      • Ausflug zur Huskyfarm.
      • Ausflug nach Lovozero.
      • Sieh oberen link für mehr Informationen.
    • Zug/Flug/Bus Fahrkarten in oder außerhalb der Russischen Federation.
    • Transfer von/nach Kuusamo,/ Ivalo / Rovaniemi/ und Kirkenes Flughafen.

    Fischen und Angeltouren (Überblick)