Op zoek zuWinter, Weihnachten of Neujahrs bestemming?

Bezoek Winter Kola Halbinsel und beleef Snow Fun onder het Norderlicht

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SYLVESTER in lumberjack guesthouse "YOLKI-PALKI"

We welcome you to our cosy lodge for Sylvester celebration! Meet the New Year in the Nature. Enjoy the peaceful Polar night above the Polar Circle where day and night bright stars are sparkling, and "Aurora Borealis" -  the mystic Northern lights swing in the sky giving colours to the beautiful snow white landscape.


Celebrating, skiing, ice-fishing, snowmobiling, snow fun and delicious food, in the most romantic time of the year! Happy New Year!

Quiet, peautiful and cosy lumberjack guesthouse 'Yolki-Palki' Oktyabrsky on Kola Peninsula.
Map with lumberjack guesthouse Yolki-Palki on Kola Peninsula, close to Kirovsk Cross-country skiing Santa Claus visits every year lumberjack guesthouse Yolki-Palki on Kola Peninsula Snow fun Cosy celebrations, happy meals! Late early days, building a snow man Come to us and have Snow Fun!
GPS location: "Yolki-Palki" N67 29.61120 - E34 18.87528
Program description SYLVESTER:

Day 1, 30th of December: Arrival. Checking-in. Sauna.

Day 2, 31st of December: The day is full of snow fun: building of a snow fortress, snow figures, gliding from a top of a snow hill, skiing in forest, decorating a Christmas tree in the yard. In the evening we have a New Year celebration party: songs, games, plays, visit of Ded Moroz ('Father Frost' in English) with his granddaughter Snegurochka, fireworks and dances around the Christmas tree.

Day 3, 1st of January: Day of rest. Sauna.

Day 4, 2nd of January: Skiing tour in the forest for the whole day. Dinner in wilderness place close to fire. Sauna in evening.

Day 5, 3rd of January: Ice fishing,  or snowmobiling, or skiing for those who like. Sauna in evening.

Day 6, 4th of January. Day for Downhill skiing for those who like. Transfer to Downhill slopes with elevators located not far from the lodge. There is possibility to rent ski equipment there. Sauna in evening.

Day 7, 5th of January. Departure.

Program details:
triple, double or single room in lumberjack guesthouse
Not applicable
Group size:
From 4 to 22 persons
7 days

30.12. - 05.01.

Prices auf request.Click here für an offer!
Price includes:
• Accommodation
• Sauna
• Using kitchen
• Trip to Downhill slope
•New Year program
• Day ski tour
  • Breakfast: EUR 10,-- pp, lunch: EUR 12,-- pp, dinner: EUR 15,-- pp.
•vermietung von skiing equipment (skies, boots und sticks):
    √ EUR 18,-- für first 2 hours,
    √ EUR   7,-- für 3rd, 4th etc. hour
•Prices für Ski-lifts:
    √ Per 5 lift-ups   EUR 9,--
    √ Per 10 lift-ups EUR 15,--
    √ Per 15 lift-ups EUR 21,--
    √ Per 20 lift-ups EUR 27,--
Transfer to the lumberjack guesthouse from/to airport or (railway station – depending on distance
• vermietung von Schneemobil, Speziale kleding, schoenen und helm:
    √ EUR 120,-- für 4 hours,
    √ EUR 220,-- für 8 hours
Excursions in cities of Kola Peninsula
Click here to see more about >>>lumberjack guesthouse 'Yolki-Palki'
No weather to cold for ice fishing. Cheers!

Program Übersicht

Schnee Fun Reisen:

<<Click auf program code für more details!
Name Days Gruppe Data (dd.mm.yy) Activity
Schnee Fun Reise "arktische":
With visits und Exkursionen in Sami Dorf Lovozero und Murmansk.
4 From

05.01 – 09.01. ; 19.01 – 23.01. ; 02.02 – 06.02. ; 16.02 – 20.02. ; 01.03 – 05.03. ; 15.03 – 19.03. ; 12.04 – 16.04. , 26.04 – 30.04. , 10.05 – 14.05. , 24.05 – 28.05. .
Other dates by request.

Neujahr Reise in Wildnis Herberge 'Yolki-Palki'. exkursionen, delicious food, Schnee fun in most romantic time von year! 7 6-20

30.12. - 05.01.

Schnee Fun "Pool Winter Week" in Wildnis Herberge 'Yolki-Palki'. Everyday you can enjoy polar winter mit activities und games. 8 6-20

From the second week von January weekly until end von April starting von Saturday zu Saturday.

Winter games
Schnee Fun "Aurora Winter Week" Includes Alpine skiing in Kirovsk, Lapplandia winter games, ijsanglern und Stadt trip in Murmansk. 6 6-20

Dates auf request.

Winter games
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